Betting DAO

We're building a DAO commuity with worldwide reach that shifts the power to the community from the traditional house through profit sharing, data control, governance/voting, etc


We're building with an industry-leading philosophy that puts people over profits. We're creating a plan for people that struggle with gambling addiction.

Also, everything is recorded on the blockchain for 100% transparency to make sure no foul play and every transaction is known.


All betting types in one easy-to-use app.


bet types


You can place a bet controlling the subject, odds and terms through blockchain smart contracts and have another person accept that bet with no middleman.



You can start a pool with friends/co-workers or join a pool with people from around the world in a variety of pool types across all sports and other subjects that use smart contracts to validate results.

Some examples are survivor pools, bracket pools, Pick’em tournaments, celebrity pools, etc.

esports/video Games

You can bet on professional Esports teams or you can play someone in your favorite video game, card game or other games.


sports Index

It’s the stock market for the sports world. Replace companies with players or teams. Trade team/player performance tokens that create an algorithmic score or rating based on many different factors (stats, salary, media/popularity, etc.) that is unique to a specific sport. These performance ratings generate dividends for token holders. It’s a free and open market to trade these tokens where the price will be based on supply and demand.

casino games

You can play online casino with trust and transparency that the outcomes are fair through the use of blockchain technology.


fantasy sports

You can start a league with friends/co-workers or join a league with people from around the world in a variety of fantasy types across a variety of sports.


Some examples are daily fantasy, season-long leagues, keeper leagues, playoff leagues, etc.


MVP with Bet vs Chain casino game.

Prove the technology of the model of Bet vs Chain.

Prove the commercial viability of the model.

2022 - Q3

2023 - Q2

MVP for oracle data AI smart contract result verification.

  Truly decentralized outcomes that you can trust.

  Prove the ability to create a self sustaining community of data providers.

2023 - Q4

Initial approaches for problem gambling management.

  Transparent player management.

  Community driven and AI enabled problem gambler management.

  Development of ethics model that can be codified.

  Select a university partner for research collaboration.

Person-to-person Sports Betting


2023 - Q4

Sports Index Tokens/NFTs

Fantasy Sports Betting

Esports/Video Games


Bet vs. Chain


You can place a bet similar to a sportsbook but instead of betting the house you are betting against the blockchain. Everyone that owns tokens in the ecosystem acts as the house.

When someone wins a bet, the system will mint that amount of tokens to payout the bet and the reverse if someone loses a bet, the system will burn that amount of tokens that was bet. Every bet and Mint/Burn transaction is recorded on the blockchain to make sure there’s no foul play.

This is how we’re able to shift the power to the community rather than the traditional house.